Thursday, January 7, 2010

A new Year, a new Look and a new Semester

Hey guys,
I have not changed th basic look of my blog since ages. And now entering 2010, I am considering to have a new and fresh look for my blog. And this is the reason why I am not able to post as regularly as I would like to.
Though I am trying for the new look, but I don't promise a change. It would depend whether or not I am able to find that perfect theme.

I have heard college would be reopening from this Monday. And I would be entering my fourth semester. It has been more than 18 months since I entered but it looks like it was only yesterday when college opened its gate for  the first time for me. It was only yesterday that I stepped into this new world with full of opportunities and some gem of people.As Dr. Seuss said,

How did it get so late so soon??? It's night before it's afternoon, December is here before it's June. How did it get so late so soon???

Time has flown like always. Can't imagine what life would be after college finishes. I shiver even at the thought. But for now, its fourth semester, its college life and its tonnes of fun..!!
Where's the party tonight..??


  1. My new semester already started...My last semester...So, what's your major? =)

  2. Information Technology..!!
    What about yours ?


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