Friday, February 12, 2010

Finally a Blog Post..!!


It has been quite a time since I posted last.Actually, it has been more than a month. I have actually been a busy bee. So 5 weeks of no blogging had take its toll on stats of my blog but that is something I am really not caring for now.
After pondering long over my blog, its future etc. etc I have finally decided to change its design.
But I mentioned it a month back too and believe me I also changed its look but came back to this after I found it to be much better than the new theme I have chosen.

So why I am again saying about a new look, about a new theme?? Why..?? Well, it could be a possibility that I would be making the transition to wordpress.Its not that I am fed up of blogger or I am not able to work with it, that's not entirely the case. It's just I wanna experience wordpress now.

Having worked a little bit on it when designing a site for my college, and chose wordpress as the CMS. So, I don't know, what would be happening..?? Would I be even going to Wordpress or not ?? But 1 thing is for sure, I am going to give it a try very soon.

Incidently, I hace my exams coming up in 3 days time and like every time, I am totally blank. So a share of my time wold be diverted towards it so a litlle less of blogging.

As where I have been over past month and more, well its a long story and an exciting one. Many new experiences and worth remembering one's. I loved my life in last month, also fought a lot but what ever it was, it was enjoyable.

All those and much more would be coming to your desktops, laptops etc. etc. very soon.
So, saty tuned in.


P.S. - All you out there, while I would be busy with my exams, I would be available on twitter @