Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Coming Soon...!!!

Hey guys,
I know its long time. And I event can,t say Sorry this time, but I would compensate for all this and more very soon. This is also a 2 minute post just to remind you guys, I am living and kicking..
I mentioned about changing blogger and going to WordPress, but recent developments by blogger, especially template designer made me to put my plans off..!!

So, would be posting again frequently but only after I get free with my exams. Oh, yes, my marathon of exams had started and would be continuing till some end of May. But I would try to find out some time between them.

On exams front, its like living hell. The knowledge is on all time low, and I am not ready to study, I just don't feel to. I don't know whats gonna happen. I am just praying I don't flunk any..!! Pray for me..!!

How I fare up in these exams, where the hell was I in recent time, ongoing IPL and much more in the upcoming posts..!! Till then good bye, and do remember,

Be it day or night, 
Be it matter of life or death,
Say What You Feel..!!

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