Thursday, April 15, 2010

Void Filler

Here's a poem penned down by my friend, Prateek Kinger. I really loved it and thought it would be great if I share it with you guys. Now having asked him for the same, I present you with the VOID FILLER...

I was there when she was lost,
I was there when emotions frost..

Was there for her when trust got shattered,
Was there for her when friendships got battered..

Was with her when no one was around,
Was with her in solitary graveyard surround..

Stood for her in hostile times,
Stood for her at all odds & primes..

Was the shoulder to cry for her in sadness,
Stretched my hand to comfort in darkness..

There developed a special relation to hold,
Became the trustworthy ear where secrets could be told..

Sometimes wished to shout out to the whole world,
Thoughts inside my mind intricately curled..
How lucky was I for having her,
But losing her someday was my only fear..

But as they say...

But as they say,
Every coin has a second side..
I mention that in dilemma,
Not a hint of pride..

Our lives started to change,
For her it was joyous, for me strange..

Mirth returned to her life,
As if she found her lucky charm..
Her best pals who turned away earlier,
Those relations were again going cozy & warm..

She was ecstatic but didn’t find me,
this time for happiness to share..
And I could witness go alive,
My huge unsaid fear..

I was being deliberately overlooked,
For she didn’t need me anymore..
Don’t know how she managed that,
What shook me to my inner core..
Those changes took her away from me,
And left my mind in a blur..
How should I feel,
SAD for myself or happy for her??

She told me once that,
For her I was a Pain Killer..
You ask me today what I was,
In her life, mere VOID FILLER…


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