Thursday, June 24, 2010

Alive and Kicking..!!

Long Time..!!
It has been a long time, since I last posted. Kinda busy, Kinda lazy, Kinda.. Don't know..!!
But fact is, have not posted for a while..!!

Right now watching Isner Vs Mahut, EPIC Wimbledon match. And am really tired wayching their match, I don't know how these guys are playing..!! Amazing.

Also, Football Fever is going on high right now..!! Today, England beat Slovenia to enter Round of 16. Great match.

So, where am I nowadays..?? Nowhere, just roaming around. Trying my hands at Linux..!! But failing miserably. Love sports, so watching FIFA 2010, Wimbledon, Asia Cup and waiting for Formula 1 this weekend..!! Its a real fest for sport lovers..!!

And as per me, there is a lot to say.. Seriously a lot. But just have not been able to make myself stand and update the blog. Hopefully, would continue this process now..!!
Lots of posts in the pipeline, hope they come out well..!!

On other aspects, have been pondering over a question, 'What is Love ? And how is it different from Friendship..??'..!

Also working on some short stories, and praising poem written by good friend, Prateek. I shared one before here. Would share more very soon..!!

And yes, my love for comics, 2nd one coming soon..!!

Till then, its good bye, and we would meet soon..!!!

P.S. OMG!! The Isner Vs Mahut match still not ended, score, 5th set tied at 56-56 57-57...!!! I am loving it..!!


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