Wednesday, June 2, 2010

DocX Viewer 1.1

DocX Viewer 1.1  DocX Viewer is a convenient tool for viewing Word 2007, 2010 documents without Microsoft Word.

Many users haven't upgraded their MS Word or do not have MS Word installed. However, they may receive a Word 2007, 2010 document in docx format from outside. This tool is designed for them to have a look at these docx files.

Its a tool that's tailor-made for these users. You can download it here. It seems worth a look.


-Portable - This tool need no installation, you can take it wherever you need to view docx file.
-Light - This 600KB program can view the files as MS WordViewer which is 50MB of size does.
-Fast - With Wonder Studio's Direct DocX technology, it works ten times faster than OpenXML Viewer(on     Firefox) and much faster  than any other docx viewer.
-Accurate - You will see much more accurate layout and appearance than Google's "view as HTML" and OpenXML Viewer.

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