Tuesday, July 20, 2010

How to Type Indian Rupee Symbol

We all know Indian Rupee has officially got its symbol. But it is not yet available on the keyboards and thus preventing it to be used by anyone. And our government has said, it would take more than a year for the symbol to become commercially available. And thus a big setback for all of those who were counting on to use it.

But not to worry. Manglore based, Foradian Technologies Pvt. Ltd. has created a font called Rupee_Foradian. It can be downloaded from here and used for free.

How to Use it..??
  • After downloading the font, a .ttf file, copy it to your fonts folder, C:/Windows/Fonts
  • Open a word file, type the first character on the keyboard that is just below the escape button, ~ .
  • Select the character and apply the Rupee_Foradian font.
  • That's it. The Rupee symbol appears...!!

Here is a video that would help you -


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