Tuesday, July 6, 2010

I walk and walk...

Life is like a very very long road,
On which I have to walk,
And yes, I am walking,
Without any feelings,
But I am walking alone,
Without even my shadow,
My own Shadow left me long before,
Its strange but now we are not in touch,
Yeah I am still walking,
To reach at my destination,
But I am still walking alone..

And, I am walking alone. It has been a long but exciting journey and it goes on. It made me walk, run and even crawl ever since the journey began. It had shown me good, bad and ugly. It had made me go through ups and down, but never I felt like game over. It introduced me to best of buddies and to hard core enemies. It made me act wise and stupid. It made me fall in love and cry in agony. It showered me with heavenly love and wrath of the devil.

Whatever it has been, it never gave me a dull moment, it has been nothing else but a roller coaster ride.

What it is..??
It is life.
The Second Greatest gift of all, LIFE.


  1. A Perfect Definition of life...completely agree with your each lines and each word...

  2. Whatz d biggest gift of them all..??


  3. This is what Life is, very beautifully compiled.

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