Friday, July 23, 2010

When he fell in love...

I had been wanting to write a story for a while now. And today I like to start with it. It would be published in frequent posts (only if I manage to complete it.).

So here is the first part of, When He Fell In Love...

Dear R,

I miss you a lot today. I miss those wonderful days we spent together. I miss the fun we had teasing each other. I miss the games we used to play in your garden. It's been 3 long years since I've seen you and there's a lot that I had learn about myself and our relation in this gap.

In these 3 years, I had met many people. I had seen a bigger world. There were all kinds of people, some good, some bad. There were also people who cared a lot for me. But all along, I felt like a loner.
There were people around me, but none close to my heart. I thought I was building this block myself and wasn't letting people into my life and so I tried to let go of all such tangles. Things were still the same.

I didn't realize what it was to be in love when you had expressed your feelings for me. Over time, I realized that the divide between friendship and love had blurred. I started loving you R. You are my first love and the only true one. You are only one to me in my life. The feeling that you exist makes my life beautiful! I thank you for gifting me with these wonderful moments of life. I've heard that love is the most cherished feeling and now I feel it too.

Wherever you are, I will always pray for your happiness. At any point in life, if you are in need of a person, please remember that this person cares the most for you and would go out of the way to help you..

I love you...

Tons of love,
yours ever,
your love.


  1. really nice...waiting to read d next part...:-)

  2. A love letter written by love.

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