Thursday, August 26, 2010

Childhood Simulator by Prateek Kinger

 A poem by my friend, Prateek Kinger.


Obscured in the pensive haze,
Perplexed in the memory maze..
In my eyes that unperspicuous vision,
With time, experiencing that memory fission..

From start to end,
All moments of that childhood day..
Recalling all those,
I wish the time could stay..

The chilly winter dawn,
When dreams were on their prime.
& Mum used to wake me up,
Telling the wrong time..

Still remember that singing
and dancing in the shower..
moving out with the radiance
of a morning blossom flower..
Eating the chapatti while running,
Folded to a roll…
To save time, snatching away,
From breakfast its soul..

Going hand in hand with brother to school,
Prancing over mud holes, dreading my uniform so neat..
Those trivial fights in d bus,
For the esteemed window seat..

And then at school that oblivious routine,
Where we read, where we played..
Out of respect or out of fear,
Whatever teacher said, we alwaz obeyed..

Coming back from a tiring day,
Plunge down into mother’s lap..
While reporting the day’s affairs,
Dozing off to a blissful nap..

Still fresh in my memories that evening,
which came like a water splash..
that plethora of enthusiasm,
everyday was a party bash..

Playing those artless games,
With siblings, that sharing toys..
That pleasure of meeting your friends,
And playing with those imprudent joys..

Miss those days,
With ingenuousness at its peak .
The only mystery to trouble you,
To find someone in hide & seek..

Those roller skates of mine,
That bicycle with the basket..
Those memories somewhere today,
Dead & buried in the casket..

And when dad came back,
That swing in his arms…
Got no words to describe that feeling,
That rise in his palms..

Whatever he brought for us,
Divided it between us fair..
The first lesson we were taught,
Whatever you have,you must alwaz share..

Those days when toffees & chocolates
Were our staple food..
When a scoop of icecream could
Instantly change your mood..

Having dinner in those
Special plates & spoons..
With pictures of,
Your favorite superheroes & cartoons..

The days when mickey mouse was your best friend,
And a doctor your biggest fear..
Even a single thought of visiting him,
Could bring down a silent tear..

And the day ended with a bedtime story,
With dad sitting beside my bed..
When it took seconds to glide into dreams,
With a kiss on the forehead…

Today I am years away,
From that resplendent days…
Wish someone could take me back,
But time doesn’t hold,it alwaz sways….


Thanks Prateek for sharing this wonderful creation of his.
It always fills with me nostalgia and makes me remember those wonderful days that would never come back...!

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