Friday, September 17, 2010

Nokia Tej

Nokia Tej is an application focussed solely onto the improvement of business in the “small” segment. There are times when a lot of paper work is involved in our business and thus we are unable to concentrate on things which improve and expand our business. Nokia Tej helps you in doing just that. It’s a new service introduced exclusively for Nokia users.

Now, you may be thinking “how a mobile can help me in expanding my client base?”, well, here is a brief explanation of the whole service. It is basically a service which aims at providing communications assistance to various companies/people who work on communications foundation. Their whole work and business depends on the network of client base. Now, here comes the role of Nokia Tej. It will help you grow your network and thus client base by helping you in enhancing your order, sales and distribution management system. Consequently, in the end you will have more time to think of ways of expanding your business. It also helps in reducing paper work and improves the flow of information within the business network.

As Nokia Puts it up,
One of the biggest assets of a business is speed. Speed is especially important in order management and this is where Nokia Tej can prove to be invaluable for your business.
Nokia Tej is a mobile order management service that helps you manage your orders securely by using your mobile phone. Nokia Tej is a pay-as-you-go service ensuring that you only pay for what you use. 
Nokia Tej works on a very simple concept, that being, reducing the amount of paper work involved and reducing the time drastically. It has two interfaces, one for the agent and the other for the supplier. As soon as the agent enters the order his Nokia Tej account (for a particular supplier), he (supplier) gets the order instantly, thus reducing a lot of time and also the paper work (not to forget the expense for transport of paper work). Now, as the supplier completes the processing, he informs the agent (again using Nokia Tej), and can also arrange for shipment online using Nokia Tej.

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