Thursday, September 2, 2010

When he fell in Love: How it all started..??

I have returned with the second part of the story, When He Fell in Love...
I hope you like it.You can read the first part of the story here, When He Fell in Love...


He read the letter again for the umpteenth time and didn't know what to do? The letter had come out of the blue and has shaken the hell out of him. It made him dig back into those memories which he had buried in some corner of his heart. And now after three years, it all stared him right into his eyes. All those memories, good, bad and ugly, were in his face and asking the questions whose answer he didn't know..?? Whose answers he had never known..??

Aarav, famous as 'R' among his friends sitting in the open theater, was lost in his own thoughts, when someone suddenly snatched the letter from his hands bringing him back to the harsh realities of the world. He turned out to see his friend, Shama, going through the letter. And as soon as she was through, she fired tonnes of question towards him. And he could do nothing but stare, immersed in his thoughts.

Though he had been an open book to his friends, shared his life with them, but has never brought her in their talks. She was the only chapter in his life that his friends were unaware of. But it was no longer to be. Shama was the chatter box and matching to her title, the news of this 'love letter' had traveled to all of his friends and they were there in a flash, all 6 of them waiting for Aarav to speak.

And Aarav began the story, reliving the most happy and gloomy days of his life. He was feeling the pain all over again like it was just yesterday when it all happened. When Life changed its meaning for him.

She was the new girl in the class. But she was unlike all the new entrants. She was not like that silent girl who never spoke a thing. She was not like that front row girl who used to chatter all day along. She was different, she was an enigma that on one understood. She was Saloni.

Aarav, who never failed to traumatize a newcomer, started with his aim of making her life a living hell. And he was 'almost' successful through his various pranks and stuff. Soon, she was joke of the class. But, it seemed not to affect her. She despite being made fun off didn't respond and managed to carry on the day without much of a fuss. Next day, Aarav forget about her and found someone else to make fun off. 

This was the only incident that involved them, only incident that made their names to be taken in the same breadth, Aarav and Saloni. Soon the years passed by. They were the two people who never got along or can be said never came close enough to be friends. But they were always there in front of each other just like waiting for something to happen. But not to be. Time continue to pass and they continue to remain anonymous for each other till their last year at school started.

It was their last year inside the boundaries of school. And all of them were excited about what lays next and at the same time were nostalgic about it. Soon, they were gonna leave the place where they had spent most of their life. But it was the truth and they were preparing for themselves. And in the process came the 'Annual Party' of the school, where final year students were supposed to perform a dance for the entire school. And as God's script goes, Aarav and Saloni were paired together.

And began a friendship that was stronger than the term friendship itself. They were inseparable, doing everything together. It was like long lost friends have finally met. All was well and they were just friends. But who can question his plans..? As it was to be, Aarav fell for her. He was in love with her. Aarav, who never believed in such things was actually experiencing it and was denying it to his friends but he also knew this, that Aarav, the prankster has actually fell in love.

And on 17th of December, he decided that tomorrow be the day when he tell Saloni about his feelings. So, it was to be the 18th of December, five days before their last day at school that he open his heart out for her.

So what happens on 18th that changes his life for ever? Does he gets a 'YES' or a 'NO' ? Watch out for the next part in the series, When He Fell in Love...


  1. Just one word, Beautiful.

  2. Flow of story goes well...

  3. Eagerly awaiting for the answer by Saloni

  4. Its my story, till now.
    And, I got a yes!

    Hoping for the same here.

  5. How a moment can transform a relationship.

  6. nice one..really wanna knw what happens next....


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