Saturday, October 2, 2010

CWG 2010: Better than what People had made it look

So, Delhi 2010 begins tomorrow. The XIX Common Wealth Games would be starting from tomorrow  in Delhi, India. Enough has already been said about its failures, about its dirty toilets, about missed deadlines etc. etc.

But what remained hidden was hard work of thousands of people who worked day and night to have these games, to have the best ever games, to make India proud and make world stand up and notice India. There have been mistakes, it could have been handled better, but remember India is hosting games of such high level for the first time. There has to be hiccups, though there have been more, but still a lot of good work has happened.

This is the time to stand and notice the good work.
This is the time to support all those who have made this happen.
This is the time to cheer for the games, for the athletes.
This is the time to come out as one and feel proud.
This is the time to say out loud,