Thursday, October 21, 2010

Its all about celebrating your life..!

This is your life.
Years go by and nothing is as you imagined it would be.

Hope is exquisite, and at times, exquisitely disappointing. The love you always thought was love is shadowy and elusive. Dreams you dare to dream feel like wide-open doors to giant letdowns.

Teetering between the person you were, and the person you are becoming...
And this, all this in-between is your life. It is you.

You who is still wandering to know why he is here.
You who still looks for the reason for his existence.
You who still wanna know why it all happened to him.
You who still asks God, Why me??
You who still cries for all those missed opportunities.
You who is not satisfied and says, I deserved better..

But this is not what Life is all about. Life is not about to look in the past and cry. Its not about to regret steps you took, decisions you made.
Its all about to cut yourself loose from what you thought you wanted. It's about to celebrate what is.
Its about all those 'Birthday surprises', about sitting under the tree, about waiting for friends, about days off with a roaming friend. Its about Phone call from someone halfway around the world, about a hug, a short sleep, a full moon, a sunset, spring flowers, a lovely morning.
Its about a delicious meal, a hefty laugh, an ice cream or a shower of rain, a slow walk or a chanced meeting with a long lost friend...!

Its about finding the moments to be happy in the clouds of distress...


  1. So true.

    Sadly, it often takes the loss of someone very close to us before we truly appreciate life.


  2. 75% is true and the balance 25% we have to be careful.


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