Friday, November 26, 2010

Airtel: Brand revamp

Airtel, one of the leading telecom brands in India which has also successfully ventured into digital TV and broadband markets has pressed the revamp button. Airtel recently acquired Zain, an African telecom company and thus having more than 2000 crore customer at the moment. So, the revamp must have come focusing on the world-wide market.

Airtel plans to spend over 300 crore rupees globally to change the brand identity. It seems the new logo is inspired from zain's logo and looks like a rip off Vodafone (its biggest competitor) because of its heavily loaded red and white color.

Old Logo

New Logo

It's not the case that this logo does not look good or is not attractive but the old one has been the face of airtel for years now and the change would take some time. So, the launch should have been such that would have made it appeal to the masses at once. Also one needs to ask was this revamp really required?? The logo is the soul of any brand and changing that means taking a risk of the position of that brand in the market. I don't understand the need behind this revamp and the thinking gone behind the launching of this revamp.

The launch is with a new tagline and a new TV commercial, which again fails to create the hype and match it with what really Airtel is or what it wanna show itself to be. 

This is the advertisement that marks the launch of revamped Airtel, and I am sorry Airtel, you have got it all wrong this time. So many Ads keep coming everyday and its very important to be unique. Coming to this ad,  there is nothing like that. You need to make a strong point especially when you change your logo. If you want people to remember the ad and also recognize the brand by looking at the Ad then it must be something much better than this.

Also why this came as a surprise because in recent past Airtel had come up with many great ads, they have created magic with their ads and that was the requirement but what they have come up with fails miserably in that regard.

But what has happened, has happened. It can't be changed and the Airtel now has to do something soon to maintain their brand.

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  1. what is the name of song played in AIRTEL STREET DANCE

  2. Hey, This is the new theme song of Airtel composed by A.R Rahman.
    I think that would help you...


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