Wednesday, December 15, 2010

GoDaddy Promo Codes provides promo code for obtaining a discount on the purchases at GoDaddy. When you purchase a domain name at the GoDaddy registrar you are either purchasing a new name or renewing a domain you already own. At checkout, before you pay you are able to enter a coupon code on the page and click to recalculate. By doing so you will receive a discount on both a new domain or a renewal.

Following are some coupons that work at the time of this post..!

For Domains:
FAN3 - 35% off .COM $7.49 domain names - WORKS

FAN749 - 50% off .ORG domain names ($7.49 each)
YES749 - $7.49 .NET domain names
GAM749 - $7.49 .BIZ domain names

FUN3 - 35% off .com domain names
SPN1 - 10% off any order
MIN1 - 10% off .CO domains

SPN2 - $5 off an order of $30 or more
HITCH2 - $5 off an order of $30 or more & .TV Domains

$ Discount by Order Size:
$30 or more : MIN2 - $5 off
$40 or more : YESOFF - $10 off

% Discount by Order Size:
10% Off: MIN1 - any order size
15% Off : YES15 - $75 or more

For Hosting:
RUSH20 - 20% off a 1yr or greater hosting plan
MIN1 - 10% off a month to month plan

For Auctions:
AUCTION12 - 50% off a subscription

For SSL:
YESSSL - $12.99 SSL account (usually $30)

UK Specific Coupons
For Domains:
BRIT3 - 30% off .com domain names

% Discount by Order Size:
10% Off: QUEEN1 - any order size
20% Off : UKTOP9 - 35 pounds or more
25% Off : UKTOP251 - 65 pounds or more

Other UK Specific:
FANSSL : 12.99 SSL
YPN20 : 20% Off Hosting

It also does not matter if you purchase 1 or 10, each domain will receive the discount. The godaddy promo code also works on hosting. And they do not expire, therefore you can use them every month and pass to your friends. This is just one of the many reasons that GoDaddy is the number 1 registrar and hosting company.

Top Registrar and Hoster
GoDaddy was created by Bob Parsons in 1997. Originally a domain registrar and soon to be the top due to his amazing business acumen and advertising ability. Next they decided to conquer web hosting and provide not only the best but many options to allow those less familiar with the inner workings of hosting to easily setup and use hosting accounts.

Consolidation Feature
Whether you are an individual or a corporation this feature is amazing. Let’s say you purchased 7 domains throughout a year, and now you have to watch every month to determine if you need to renew a domain. What a pain, and you don’t want to lose one. Therefore you simply choose what day and month of the year you would like to renew your domains. Choose to expire them all on the same day, or on specific days throughout the year to manage cash flow if you have a lot. Now tie this feature into the auto-renew below.

Auto Renew Feature
Auto renew makes your life even easier. First you decide with consolidation when to have them expire. Then you set up auto-renew and you do not have to do anything. Nothing at all, except watch to assure your credit card or paypal account has not expired. With auto-renew you choose your form of payment and set it to automatically bill you without having to watch, login and renew.

Web Hosting
Web hosting with GoDaddy is amazing, over the years they have added more and more features. But more importantly is ease of use. If you want to share pictures, create a social environment, or just start a blog with your own unique domain it’s easier than ever. In the past you would obtain a generic hosting account, but now with them you simply choose the account and then click a button to add picture sharing or a blog. Many other applications are available. It then sets it up for you and you are off and running.

By my own experience, I can say GoDaddy is one of the best I have encountered..! 


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