Tuesday, December 7, 2010

A social network song for Facebook and Twitter addicts

Recently, I came across this beautiful song describing Facebook and Twitter addicts..! Or I can say, depicting half the online population..!! An amazing piece of music and though its funny, it's true too. This is really Hilarious..!!

A social network song for Facebook and Twitter addicts.
Conceived and created by World Wide Wadio (with apologies to Rodgers and Hammerstein).
Keynote animation by Dave Fey Design. http://www.wadio.com/favoritetweets.html


Posting and blogging and chatting and tweeting
While both pretending we're part of this meeting
I friended you and then you followed me
We began networking socially

Sharing and commenting, poking and liking
Even while showering, even while hiking
Having no message won't stand in our way
We tweet to say we have nothing to say

Facebook and Flickr and YouTube and Twitter
Our productivity's gone down the shitter
FarmVille and Fish Life and Mafia Wars
Now we've become social media whores!

Posting pictures... sending quizzes...
Seems it never ends
And when we both post fifty times every hour
We really piss off our friends!

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