Thursday, December 30, 2010

Support Awaaz Do and make a difference

In the beginning of this month, I made a post about this movement started by UNICEF for the development of under privileged children. Awaaz Do, (the name of the movement) provides us a platform to ensure that no child in this country is denied his/her basic right to education.

Since then, this movement has been going really strong and have been achieving its targets. Recently Bollywood actress, Priyanka chopra joined hands for the same. I am sure this would bring more and more people to join this movement.

Below is one of the success story of this campaign:

8 million children in India are out of school not realizing the right to an education. The Government of India is supporting all states in implementing the Right to Education [RTE]. The RTE gives a timeline of 3-5 years for Children like Kaushaliya to be enrolled in quality schools.

Kaushaliya is a young girl who lives in the most economically disadvantaged community of Bihar. Her father, Jakhar Manjii, works on a construction site earning an inadequate wage to meet the family needs. He is unable to feed his wife and 9 children and therefore, in order to survive, the whole family must work. Kaushaliya and her siblings work as labourers loading coal for a transporter.

If it were not for the UNICEF programme in the area, Kaushaliya would have never gone to a school. The programme helps child labourers to go to school.

Kaushaliya attends a bridge school which is helping her catch up academically so that she can join formal school at a later stage. The RTE ensures that children, even older ones, who have missed out on school receive eight years of quality education.

Beaming Kaushaliya says, “Before this, my life was very difficult, I did not have time to even sit and rest. Now I study. I play. I do a lot of things.”

Let's create many other happy stories like her...!
At the time of writing this post, 183775 people have already joined Awaaz Do campaign, and it is time you too do it and start making a difference. Join the movement.

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