Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Coral Player

There is a common habit in internet users to download videos. Most if them work perfectly fine on our video players. But sometimes, the video is encoded and would play on some particular video players only. There are many such video players and one of them is Coral Player. And this player is not genuine but a scam.

Coral Player is a scam, but not a virus. Basically the maker's create fake torrents - usually new release or popular movies. They claim to be avi files of the movie, and usually ~ 700mb or so.

However when you get the movie, all it is, is a trailer and tells you to go and download coral player. If you fall for it, it asks you to pay a small fee to use coral player but you gotta give them your credit card number, which they then charge a monthly fee of about $30 . But you never get any player to download, and the file that claims you need Coral Player to play it, isn't even a movie file at all - it's just a trailer with Coral Player ad.
They 'pad out' the file to make it roughly the size of a legitimate movie, so people will download it, I mean after all, if you saw a "movie" that was only 1.5mb would you fall for it and download it?

In short, a complete scam - if you get one of these files just delete it - anything that asks you to download a "special" movie player to play it, chances are high it being a scam.

VLC Media Player

Personally I recommend downloading VLC player. It's an open source video player. There is no format that I know this cannot play. So if you open up a video file in this program and it doesn't work, it could be some other file and not a video file. Also, audio files can be run on VLC. So, it's a nice player.
You can download it here.

This is just a information that I got to know. If anyone has actually used Coral player and if it is not a scam, pleae let me know. I would be happy to correct it. It's just my opinion.. You are advised to do your own research before believing anything or taking any action.