Sunday, January 16, 2011

GoDaddy Universal Terms of Service Agreement Update

Go Daddy recently made changes to the Universal Terms of Service Agreement affecting Go Daddy® products and services. These are not major changes but still it does not hurt to know. As today Buying and Selling Domain Names has become a full fledged business for some..! So, the changes affected the following sections (And I would not say they are limited to these):

Section 1 (Overview)
Language was added to provide that changes or modifications to the Universal Terms of Service Agreement will be effective upon posting to the Go Daddy website. You will be able to tell when the Agreement has been updated by looking at the “Last Revised” date at the top of the Agreement.

Section 8 (Additional Reservation of Rights)
Language was added to assist with the fraud and abuse detection and prevention efforts.

Section 15 (Fees and Payments)
Language was added to explain the differences between multi-currency product pricing and multi-currency transaction processing for products and services displayed on Go Daddy website.

Also was updated the service fees associated with the “Pay By Check” payment option should your electronic check be returned unpaid.

Section 16 (Unclaimed Property; Dormancy Charges)
Added a new section to address the Revised Arizona Unclaimed Property Act.

These changes have already been effective. Please take a moment to review the latest version of the Universal Terms of Service Agreement, which may be found here.

P.S. Am not sure would these changes matter to you anyhow, but I have learn any changes in the terms of agreement must be carefully understood, as they may sometimes could matter a lot..!

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