Thursday, May 26, 2011

Review: Web Hosting Rating

The growth of internet is tremendous. And now people are starting to realize the benefits. Now internet is used for many things from entertainment to business deals. If you are thinking to start your own online store or a personal blog then first thing which comes in mind is web hosting. Choosing web hosting can be a challenging task when you do not know much about it. You can see various webhosting services are available so it’s so hard to find a perfect match for your website or blog. There are many aspects that you have to think when you are going to choose a web-hosting service like:

  • Reputation of hosting company
  • Reliability and afford-ability
  • Customer support
  • Customer feedback etc
Then you will ask me where to find these all things, and then I can clearly say that you must visit It is one such website that will guide to choose among the webhosts best suited to your needs and your pocket as well.
The idea of this site is to rank web hosts, and ratings are based on customer satisfaction, affordability, reliability, uptime and Technical support.
Here you can find nearly all big reputed webhosting company’s reviews. The best thing about this site is that provides lots of user feedback and allows anyone to easily and freely share their experiences whether good or bad, to help you make informed decisions before you buy.
The site is easy to browse in comparison to the average web hosting review site, when you visit this site they you can find that web hosts are categorized by their types and plans.
On first page you can find to Best 10 Web Hosts 2010 which are selected by experienced webmasters and company with the help of user reviews. They also has a nice awards section that is fun to browse to apart from being very beneficial.
Many website hosting review sites only try to make money without thinking that customer is getting satisfied or not, but is always ready to help its customers by cool articles and tutorials on various issues and categories through their blog.


Overall, is a complete guide for those who want to know about the webhosts best suited to their needs. The site will help you to get started on doing some serious research before choosing a web host and reduce the risk of making a purchase you will regret.
Check this site and let us know what your opinion about is.