Tuesday, June 14, 2011

And the life goes on...

28th December 2010. Yes, I remember the exact date when I wrote last here. Yes there had been a few posts here and there, some about photography, some about marketing. But not my views on me and the world surrounding me. And trust me, I don't like this fact. But as they say, it is never too late to make amends. So starting from today, I would like to make at least 2 posts a week. (100 for the year. Not bad..!!) That's what am gonna try, but no promises.

It has been nearly six months since that last dramatic post about how college life is gonna end. In these six months, a lot of things happened, many firsts, some fights, some love, some this, some that. But the most important thing, they all taught me one thing that nothing is constant. Everything, everyone and every relationship changes (especially relationship). Every relation has its highs and lows. It has its phases and most of them do get stagnant, though they could be relived..!

These six months were a pain, but also brought me close to some of the people, read friends. I also got to know, that there are many around here who don't like you for many reasons (some of them very genuine) but there are some who really like you for various reasons (again, many of them are really genuine..!!).

This time was also about various rules that I set up for myself, and though till the end of the semester, I had broken most of them. there was a rule, Family first. Then there was a rule, To hell with the world. there was one, getting serious and there was one, being punctual. Many of them, and all of them broken..!

This was also a time when various other things happened, like another blog, a portal, a college fest, a broken dream, a broken leg, a mission accomplished, a tag of winner, petty fights, many memories, many other rules, some experiments, a world cup and tonnes of exam (as usual), and all of these in last six months. All in all, some nice moments coupled with some nice people made it a nice time to live.

Yes, there was another rule, more of a realization, And the life goes on...

And after all these things, here I am sitting trying to write a nice 'I am back' post and also know that am 'not' doing a very good job. But that's what I am. And with the promise of writing more often, I sign off.
During all these major happenings in my life in previous months, I started many a post but was not able to complete them and the pile of my draft increased a lot and I plan to publish them. So, don't be shock if I am here tomorrow telling you about how I celebrated this new year..!

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