Thursday, June 23, 2011

Let it go...

Life hurts, Feelings fade.
We want everything to stay the same, but people change.
And sometimes all you can do is hold your head up high, blink the tears away and 
say, hmm, its Life..

Your life may be wonderful. It may be fantastic, terrific and all the other synonyms. But no matter, how good it may be, there comes a time in everybody's life when they see people changing and all they wanna do is stop the wheel of the time and do not let people to walk away from them.

Recently, I talked to a long lost friend of mine. Long, lost depends on how you define it. For me, she was one of those person I always talked to, shared everything with. But gradually we drifted apart and there was no contact for past year or two. Yes, there was a void but was aptly filled by many others as always the case. So, talking to her that night made me realized we all get hurt, miss some special people but in the end all of us move on. And sooner we learn how to let it go, sooner we are back in happy state of mind.

'Let it go' is the cult phrase. Its not easy to follow but it does indeed the bitter medicine that one needs to take. And as per the void that would be created, it would be filled sooner than you expected. Trust me on that. Its like how the air flow works. If there is a vacuum somewhere air would rush to fill it in from the smallest of gap. Similarly, for any void created by loss of a relationship would be filled by some other and the time taken would depend on the 'gap' and the depth of the void.

And as per my friend is concerned, that night we talked and talked. And promised to catch up on old times very soon. May be the old man who said, plant a green tree in your heart, and a singing bird would come, was not wrong.