Thursday, August 4, 2011

Have Feet, Will Dance...

Whenever I think of dance, words that come to my mind are, “have feet….will dance”.
Six months ago, dance was confined to four walls of my room only. Then I come to know about Dance classes by leading institute SDIPA i.e. Shiamak Davar Institute for Performing Arts. Well, the idea behind joining classes was to remove stage fear!!!!!!!!

But soon I realized, it’s just not a hobby, time pass…….it was a passion!!!! I had this opportunity of dance in my college only, but, again the same stage fear comes in between. I am sure many of us face the same fear. Two years, were over & I was still thinking of giving auditions. I hated it because I don’t have that much courage to go and perform. Dance confined within four walls is never judged. But AUDITIONS!!!!!!!!!

Auditions were a different ball game altogether. I even practiced a whole week before the audition. But standing outside the audition hall, only gave me jitters.
No no….no, I can’t perform. I quit!! The feeling of stepping back filled me with so much of remorse and I decided to at least I will give a try next time! Next time, I missed audition and my friends who were there and most importantly had that courage to perform were selected. And then...

And then I, I decided to join SDIPA, bollywood jazz!!! And My bollywood song was the epic, ”shola jo bhadke”. Oh! I thought it to be “laung da laskara”………
Well...I was not concerned with the song…….all I knew was dance. All the excitement and enthusiasm overshadowed the song…
My classes were hell lot of fun!! Apart from dance I gained so much, discipline confidence & direction.

The day came…..stage performance…standing in the wings, my heart was bouncing really hard…..nervous…very nervous!!!!!
The other dancers in my group complained of sweating hands…..and that moment I realized that it happens with everybody yaar!!!!!!!!!!!!! All go through it, and am not at all alone. And that time it felt we all are together in it.

Shola jo bhadke was played and the performance took off.
2 minutes and 48 seconds seemed like years !!!!
And, it finally got over!!

I danced. I danced and that too on stage in front of so many people !!!
Awesome feeling. Just awesome. And I was proud of myself !!
If I can do it, so can you,In the end,

Courage is all that matters in the end.


  1. Way to go, bhami. Nice post. Welcome to blogging world.

  2. And then she continued to the next batch of Hip-Hop beginners where she met me... :D

    She rocked the dance floor again !!!!


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