Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Your Life Begins When You Do

Walk to the edge.
Listen hard. Laugh.
Play with abandon.
Practice wellness.
Continue to learn.
Choose with no regret.
Appreciate your friends.
Lead or follow a leader.
Do what you love. Live as
if this is all there is No Tomorrow...

Nearly everyone postpones one grand thing or a collection of mighty hopes and dreams. Between the quote marks of our lives are phrases like these: "When things slow down...when I finish my degree...when I get certified...as I acquire a deeper knowledge base...when I have kids...when the kids are grown...when I get well...when I marry...when I divorce...when I retire...when I get that promotion, that raise, that job, that house, that whatever the fill-in-the blank is for your specific postponing of life..."

Your Life Begins When You Do.

You may think you are postponing the longing of your soul until life aligns itself with your vision, until elements conspire to be more favorable...but as it happens, life just lolls along at the same remarkable consistent and disinterested cadence. Life is impartial. YOUR personal, subjective life (dreams, satisfactions, contentment, achievements, vision, fullness, passion, aspirations) begins when you begin.

We always say, I want to be this or I want to be that and keep on saying it all our life. All we need to do is change it a little, and just say, I am this. I am an artist. I am an actor. I am an athlete. And trust me, your whole perspective towards life would change. You would be able to see the entire path laid for you. This is nothing but a path that you have been plodding all along while saying I want to be this, and now when you have accepted yourself as that person, you could see the path. Its all in your head.

So go on and start living, as life starts when you start living...

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