Sunday, November 6, 2011

God's hidden blessings

I have always always amazed by the amount of content written on the web. And in the process there are many gem of articles written around and lying somewhere on the internet and noone ever gets to see them. I for one, like to search deep through the random articles and random blogs and love to read them. Now I don't have the slightest of idea how you guys respond to them, but from now on I would try to share those articles around on the JammySpeaks. Leave your feedback..!

The Grocery Store
- By Juliann
On a recent visit to the grocery store, as my friend Kristin and I were walking through the parking lot, a grocery cart full of bagged groceries came rolling away from the store and into the parking lot, heading straight towards us. I suppose we could've just taken it to the car, considered it a gift, and cooked dinner with whatever that kind soul had happened to purchase. But then the kind soul would've had no dinner, so we pushed the cart back towards to store, looking in all directions for a potential owner. The only person in sight was standing with his back to us, totally absorbed in obtaining a free pizza sample from the pizza sample guy standing on the curb. We parked the cart behind him, went on to get our own free pizza samples, and watched as he finished his pizza, turned around, and pushed his cart away as if nothing had happened. He had no idea that two random girls had saved all of his groceries from rolling away into oblivion.

You know, I'm pretty sure God does something like that for me at least five times every day. And I usually just keep eating my pizza, totally oblivious of the gratitude I owe Him.


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