Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Is it love ?

People say, "Love is the most difficult question to the mankind".
Well, here's a small story.

You know the way they show in movies how the girl and guy meet, they fought, become friends and fall in love. Naaaahhhhhh..............nothing like that happen HERE!!!!!!!!

In her early twenties, Ayesha facing problems from everywhere in relationship’s, her family, her friends etc. etc. It's not like she doesn't love them, its she doesn't know how to take care of the relationship's.......very carefree or say careless!!!!! She loved them, but she don't realize her responsibilities, she just use to run away from them. Being single for almost 21 years, it’s because of her failures in existing relationship's, totally scared her of even to get into one. Everything going down and down and she feels is there anything she is good at!!!!!

One fine day, passing the notice board of the college she came across a notice “street play”, since childhood this acting thing has fascinated her!!! It was her chance to try her hand over acting that would be something new and interesting to do apart from all the fights and arguments.She made all the inquiries and convinced her mom and dad to let her join....that Saturday morning when she reached the venue, she was hell lot nervous about the acting stuff...........waiting outside with other students for the class!!!!!

Ayesha entered the class first and the guy who happens to be the director poked her and said, “are you scared?"
Ayesha said, “No"
Guy said, “then why are u leaking!!"

Ayesha looked down immediately...and looked up and he was laughing along with her assistant.

He looked quite young, maybe in his mid-twenties, dark complexion and twinkling eyes...and oodles of confidence. His name was AYAAN GEHLOT!!!!!

A well-known name in the world of street plays....he has come all the way from Mumbai to take these classes.

Ayesha was so embarrassed!!!!!!!!!! She really disliked the guy at first....she just use to learn and go back. She was enjoying the classes ....the little technicalities of acting and was totally in love with herself AGAIN........

As the classes went by...the same guy turned into a charming personality!! He got a great of sense of humor which was what missing from Ayesha’s life.......it’s been a month that she has shared a laugh ......but the classes seems to be working for her ....or should we say the charm of the guy...

He was explaining something and it just struck her," he’s cute. Must be in mid-twenties" Let me tell you that's the safest attribute we give to the GUYS!!! She so wanted to share it with her other female friends but soon came to know that they all have it too.....woo.........she just kept it to herself. 

Every weekend, Ayesha went there to learn and learn and to pull herself so that he could notice her and could make a good impression, she use to work hard and practice hard at home, doing her homework, coming one hour before the class just to get it right!!!!!

All of a sudden he came up with an concept which was based on some old film, nobody liked it except Ayesha but her friends convinced her that it’s not a good idea to show case it over the stage. As everybody will be bored and they can do something better but the worst part was when they put Ayesha to tell this stuff to him...

Poor Ayesha!!When she raised the voice, all her friends didn't support her who were actually annoyed with the concept. She felt so betrayed and look like a fool in front of him. He thought she is the one who's agitating EVERYBODY there to go against his idea..........

All great men have great ego!!!!!!
All the hard work went in vain and making a good impression looked like a dream.

Poor girl she could never do that. He never notice. He even gave her the tiny role or say participation in the entire play was minimal......ohhhh its horrible"


She kept working hard......because she kept reminding herself that she was there to learn!!!!

In the middle of all these she just forgot about all the trouble she was having in her other relationship's...because here she was experiencing something she hasn't felt before. Why is she in all her life want to please somebody who even don't care? Why she was even bothered when that guy AYAAN was so harsh to her ?

ANYWAYS, always standing at the back and seeing him and other batch mates interacting with him but never got the guts to go up on herself and talk!!!!!!

Once or twice Ayesha tried but he wasn't bothered to reply or when he did.........he had this disgusting look on his face...always saying no to Ayesha’s opinion. oh that KILLED HER!!!!!!!!!

She tried talking to him in personal but that's not something one get to get in a class full of admirers!! Eventually it struck Ayesha why not add him on face book!!!!!

It took almost 3 hours for her to decide should I or should I not send a request....will he or will he not accept her request!!!!!!!
At last she did sent and he did accept (unaware of how difficult it was) everybody from the class was his friend already........Ayesha was late here again!!!

Anyways...........she was so happy. GOSH! We girls such small things makes us happy!!!!!

That very night she saw him on line she thought, to talk or not to talk (always in dilemma)...........but again she took the risk of embarrassment and he didn't reply!!!!!!!!!

OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!!!!

Enough is enough............Ayesha’s ego take a toll.............no more this puppy like crush!!!!!!!
She started being strange with him, cum on even if it’s weird.........she has got that much right after all that embarrassment!
Ayesha started responding to him in but more so showing her anger (as if he cares)!!!!

He was annoyed.......

But ayeshaaaaaaaaaaaa was soooooo happy.............she could actually annoy him after all the embarrassment he caused to her!! It felt like a sweet revenge on him!!!!!!! Hehehehe......
The last few days of the course........all of a sudden became fun!!!!!!
On the last day of the batch, when we were doing our last rehearsal....he said, “Ayesha you were very good" and she couldn't believe her ears..........is he the one who saying it.
oh my god!!!!!!

She couldn't stop thinking..........she kept repeating those words to herself.......stupid girls we are!!!!!!!!

The SHOW day arrived..........we were all excited to roll it..........our stage play didn't bag the award..........but performing in front of so many people was an achievement in itself!!!!!!

We all were so proud of ourselves........
That also calls for a farewell to the course and to the cute mentor..........
he bid us goodbye by shaking hands, a small hug and with a promise to come back again!!!!!!

Ohhhhh..........that was sweet.........whatever sour thing was there just faded away from her heart and all she was left was the feeling of seeing him again strange but she has fallen for somebody this time.

TO BE CONTINUED............................

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Broken Friendship stings...

Has this ever happened to you? A friend you hadn't spoken to in a while and you accidentally run into each other. You'll look at each other for a moment and then memories would flood you. Y0u would not know what to say, where to begin, you would talk and then move on with a promise to catch up soon.  Isn't it funny, two people who were once inseparable just can't find words to talk??

Friendship is one of the most beautiful two people share. And we make abundant of them in every phase of life. And in the time of facebook, we make friends in tonnes..! We met today and by the night you have been added to list. Today, we are friends with person we have never met, we talk with person whom we have never seen. We live in the times where a person may have 500 friends online but may commit suicide because of loneliness. Friendship is starting to lose its very foundation... 

But among all this, sometime, you come across people with whom you feel happy. And before you know, you become best of friends and can't think of your life without him or her. And quotes like this starts to make sense...

If you're alone, I'll be your shadow. If you want to cry, I'll be your shoulder. If you want a hug, I'll be your pillow. If you need to be happy, I'll be your smile... But anytime you need a friend, I'll just be me.

But as with everything in life things get messed up. And the person who was so close to you suddenly could not be found anywhere near. The friendship you valued so much does not exist anymore. Often when you think about it, you wonder what went so wrong that two of you can no longer stand each other. How a friendship in which there was no space for sorry or thank you got so bitter? How all of it changed and you never realized ? The reasons could be many but whenever you look back and remember the times,

We always thought we'd look back on our tears and laugh, but we never thought we'd look back on our laughter and cry.

there would be a feeling of regret over those failed friendship. There would be pain of missing out a great friend. There would be heart-aches, an aching guilt that would plague you forever. And believe me, a lost friend, a broken friendship hurts like hell. Whatever you may do, whatever you may try, you would not be able to let go of it. You may forget about it in the daily errands of life but the guilt, the pain would always return. 

Broken friendship stings...
The agony of losing a friend
Eats you up from the inside
For not knowing what you did wrong
They do not care to respond back
Even after you have tried so many times
You have given up, but thinking hasn't
Where was it that you went wrong?

Not being able to find the answer
For the memory of that last conversation
Haunts you forever...
Heart broken and gloomy is how you feel.

So if you have a friend with whom you've fought for some reason or have simply lost touch due to your busy schedule, then it is time to give them a call or meet up. Life is too short to hold grudges and harbor bitterness. Cherish the people who have been with you and are always with you. Friends are always friends no matter what, every friendship goes through its good and bad phases, but remember the broken ones haunts you forever.

We all lose friends.. we lose them in death, to distance and over time. But even though they may be lost, hope is not. The key is to keep them in your heart, and when the time is right, you can pick up the friendship right where you left off. Even the lost find their way home when you leave the light on. ~ Amy Marie Walz
So, don't wait, don't let it happen to you. Pick the phone and call them, meet up and let them know they were always remembered because, 

the worst solitude is to be destitute of sincere friendship. ~ Sir Francis Bacon

Poem courtesy of Mr. Kanan
Quotes courtesy of eminent personalities over time 

Friday, April 20, 2012

Love Story 2.0: Definitely more

This is the second part of, Love Story 2.0.
You can find the first part here, Love Story 2.0: Friend or something more??


"So, what is it that you wanted to say? And why could not you tell it to me over phone?? What is it??" asked Priyanka
"Rahul, Tell me. What happened??"
"Priyanka, I have been thinking..."
"Thinking what??"
"Okay, listen. You have been a constant companion for me. You have always been there for me no matter what happened. You helped me with my studies, with my health, and everything. There were times when I was lost in my own world but you ever complained. You were always the same for me,  a caring and loving friend. But as time passed you became much more. Yes, you were a friend but a special one. You became much more, much much more. Priyanka, would you let me to take our friendship a step forward? Would you be my girlfriend?

He looked up just in time to find Priyanka smashing his face hard and thus waking up Rahul from his slumber. He looked at clock and realized he was, once again, late for college.

It had been three months since Rahul realized his feelings for Priyanka were not limited to being just friends. For him, Priyanka was someone who has changed his life, someone he care about most, and someone who meant more than anything to him. He tried to ignore his feelings but they didn't subdue. He tried to avoid her, stopped picking her calls, stopped replying to her messages and everything else, but he can't stop thinking about her. He just can't. And finally he decided to have a talk with Priyanka.

But he was scared to approach her directly. He didn't want to ruin his friendship. But also what he could see was by not confessing his feelings, their friendship was getting affected. He could not make up his mind on what to do and what not to do. So he decided to leave the decision to universe. If they were meant to be together, they would be together. 23rd December was the date he decided to seek his answers from universe.

23rd December 2011

For the first time in months, Rahul reached college on time. (1-0, positive sign leading negative). And as soon as he entered class, he collided with Priyanka who was looking for Miss Monika to submit the assignment, much like the way when they first met all those years ago (2-0). On returning home, he read his horoscope ...Love is on cards..... (3-0). He was very much sure that universe had spoken up and he and Priyanka are meant to be together.

"Yes, we are meant to be together.” And he jumped with joy...


23rd December 2011

Priyanka has been trying to connect to Rahul for over 10 hours now, but he was not picking his call. She has left hundreds of messages but there was no reply. And she was getting restless thinking, where is he? Can't he just answer once? Where he is so much busy that he would not even reply to her?? Don't I deserve a message at least. (Little she knew, at this very same time, Rahul was trying to come to terms about his new found feelings for her.)
Thinking it all, she called up, Ananya a common friends of theirs. And thus she narrated the entire episode to ananya. How she had been trying to reach Rahul but to no avail. And lately it has become a frequent phenomenon. How it looks to her that he is no longer interested in being friends with her, let alone best friends. And she started crying...

Ananya, like a Zen master, tried to counsel her,
"So, what?? He must be busy, and if you really feel he is ignoring you, you do the same. Just ignore him and forget him. He doesn’t deserve your friendship".
"No, I can't ignore him. He is rahul, my best friend."
"Don't worry, you would find someone else. It is clear by his behavior. he does not want you anymore. You are just someone who was part of his life and clearly he has moved on. Dear forget him. He’s gone."
"How can I forget him so easily? How could I forget someone with whom I have been forever? How could I forget a person whose mere thought bring a smile on my face? How could I forget a person who is my friend, my companion, my everything? How ananya? HOW?"
"Priyanka? What are you saying? Is he more than a friend?"

Priyanka with tears in her eyes, for the first time confessed her feelings for rahul to someone. For the first time since that fateful day in 2009, she told the truth about her feelings. For the first time, she let her heart talk.

"I don't know since when I started to like him, I don't know how it happened, I don't know when he became much more than just a friend. I don't know. What I know is my love for him and I can't forget him. I just can't." said Priyanka.

Ananya was dumbstruck, she knew rahul was someone special for Priyanka but this special, she never knew. She asked priyanka, "Do rahul know?"

"No, he has no idea."
"You got to tell him priyanka. Just tell him." 
“Listen I know it’s’ tough. But this is something you got to do. You got to let him know. Believe me, this is the best thing to do.”
“But how? How do I do it?”"This is something you got to think yourself. I can't help you with this."


Rahul was over cloud nine. He had finally decided to convey his feelings to Priyanka. Also he has decided when he’s going to confess his love for Priyanka, the 24th February 2012, three years since he first met her. And at the same time he was worried how she is going to react but now he was clear. He’s going to let her know and then leave everything on universe.And thus began another tedious job, how to tell it to her? Should he go down on a knee? Or should he write a letter. Should he ask her out over a phone or just hold her hands and tell her? He was confused, worried but finally knew what to do. He looked himself in the mirror and told himself,

“So, 24th it is.”

Finally priyanka smiled and thanked ananya before keeping the phone down. She decided to tell rahul about her feelings on the same date they met, the 24th February. And she told herself,

“So, 24th it is.”
To Be Continued...

Monday, March 26, 2012

Love Story 2.0: Friend or something more??

"And you are coming with us to Goa, right??"
"hmmm, have not though of it, would confirm you by night". So, Rahul ends the call, still waiting for a universe sign that could help him decide upon his for Goa. And suddenly, he watches the news on television, showing mass killing in Goa. Now, he was decided, the universe has given him the sign, he is not going to Goa.

Rahul, 22, was in his final year in college pursuing B.Tech. He was a firm believer of Universe and tell all signs, and whenever faced with a dilemma, he would leave his decisions onto universe. It has worked so far and he hoped it would continue to work for him. As he was on crossroads in his life and looking for some answers from universe. No, it was not the obvious, 'Post Graduation or Job', question which a final year B. Tech student  is expected to be worried about. The question was much more complicated, it didn't involve a job or a M.Tech degree, it involved Priyanka, his best friend and their friendship or something more..!

Rahul was in his third semester when he first met Priyanka, a lateral entry student to their class. She was this petite girl with gentle face and over-expressive eyes. Her hair always in a tangled mess tied back and a smile pasted on her face with confused expressions. It was like calmness of sea mixed with the falling waterfall. Her confused state was the reason why Rahul and she met for the first time.

Priyanka : "Excuse me, could you tell me to whom exactly do we have to submit the assignment?"
Rahul : "With Miss Monika, the Embedded Faculty."
"And where can I find her?"
"She must be in her cabin. The first cabin on the right in ECE department".
"ECE department...??"
"Hehe, You are so dumb...! Come, I would show you. By the way, I am Rahul."
"Hi, myself Priyanka..."

And thus started a new phase in Rahul's life. A phase which involved Priyanka, a phase that started without consulting with the universe, a phase where he took a decision on his own, the decision to be friends with Priyanka.

Rahul and Priyanka both hit off instantly. Both of them shared interests in having fun, watching films and talking endlessly over random things. They could be often found sitting in the college lawns talking about latest movie or in canteen arguing over the best 'samosas' in Delhi or near the metro station talking intellectual over a cup of roadside mocha or in the classes just sitting together and talking with silent winks and smiles. It was going great and for them friendship was finally personified. And then...

And then, one fine day sitting with a bunch of friends, (Yes, they had other friends too..!!), the dark clouds gathered and lighting struck as one witty fellow in the group singled them out as love birds. "Rahul and Priyanka, two person so much in love that they don't know life exist beyond the other person", this was what that fellow said. What??

"Rahul is just a friend..."...
"Priyanka, Priyanka, Priyankaaa.. ??? Neah, Neah, Neahhhhhh...." said Rahul.

Both of them later laughed over it but the cogs had started to move. Now, the equations have changed, it was not the same between them. They were best friends, yes. But they could be more, more than just friends. Both of them refused the thought to come in their mind, laughed it over, tried to forget it. But whatever they did, the thought lingered in their minds. "Is Rahul/Priyanka more than just a friend..?"...

Months later, the things have faded out. Both of them still were best friends, still spent hours together, first with each other and later on the phone. Still chats over a cup of coffee or a plate of samosas continued. And the thought was forgotten as a joke.

2nd August 2011
Gooooooood Morning..!!!
And Rahul was awake as his alarm clock again screamed, Gooooooood Morning...!! Out of habit, his hands traveled to his mobile to check for any messages or missed calls.

7 missed calls.
1 unread message.

More specifically, it was seven missed calls from Priyanka. He instantly called back but the phone was switched off. He tried again but no luck. He was worried so he tried for her land-line, but no one picked the phone. Now, he was scared. What could have happened? Why is she not picking the phone? He was cursing himself for not waking up. He cursed his cellphone for not being louder. How could he have slept when his phone rang? It  was not one call but seven. And he didn't wake up. Now his thoughts were scaring the hell out of him. He kept on trying her phone but no response.

Again and again the same screen flashed in front of him, 7 missed calls. What could have been so urgent that she called him 7 times? He called to every friend of theirs but no one had any news of her. It had been an hour when he could not take it anymore so he drove to her house. 

Standing on her gate, he though of giving her one more call. He took out his cellphone, unlocked it, and was about to call her, when a message came. It was some random message from his network carrier. But this made him notice another unread message on his device. It read -

"Hey Rahul, I am going to meet my cousins in Nanital and would be returning back after two weeks. See you later, Priyanka... :)"

He felt relieved and then laughed over himself for acting like a fool. And went back.

Later in the college he was narrating his experience to a friend of him, Paras. And Paras gave him a cheeky smile. On Rahul's constant niggling, he finally said," See man, for someone like you who always keep his phone on silent, missed calls is a daily phenomenon. There have never been a time when you had picked your cell on first ring. 4/5 missed calls is like normal. But you have never acted like this. Okey, she's your best friend and you were worried for her but still rushing to her home? Don't you feel it's more than just a friend?". And saying this Paras walked away, leaving Rahul engrossed in his own thoughts. And now Rahul realized, Priyanka was something more. She was special and she was not only her best friend but something more...
To Be Continued...

Thursday, March 22, 2012

InfoFree: Increase your sales

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Sunday, March 18, 2012

Formula One returns

Formula One, the best in Motorsport (I say this with fear of being criticized..!) returns for its latest season. F1 2011 was one of the least exciting season due to over dominance of Red Bull and Vettel. But this year with some change in rules, it is expected to be more of a level playing field. Or at-least so has been the picture that has been painted in winter testing. Red Bull and Mclaren have looked strong, Ferrari seems to struggle and Mercedes and Lotus (Former Renault) could prove to be the surprise of the year. Going a little further, midfield is as tight as it has ever been with Force India, Sauber, Torro Rosso all fighting neck to neck and all ready to give the top teams a run for money.

2012 season is critical in various regards:

  • Being the last year in Michael Schumacher's contract after his return, it would be nice to see whether the seven time world champion could bring some cheer to his fans at the age of 42. And if yes, would we see more of him as a racer after this season?
  • Fellipe Massa gas been under tremendous pressure to perform and with Ferrari again failing to give their drivers a winning car (so as it seems for now), it looks tough for Massa.
  • 2012 also marks the return of Kimi Raikonen, the Ice man. It would be nice to see how his second stint as a F1 driver goes. I for one would be surely cheering for him.
There are many other reason that gives this season prime importance. But what F1 fans are expecting is some nice, on the limit racing and no over dominance of a team or a driver. Also what we would really like to see is championship being decided on the skills of a driver and his engineering team and not on the bank balance of the team owner.

So tomorrow at 5 PM, Australia, we would see Formula One marking a return with the first grand prix of 2012. Hope it proves to be a cracker and we get to see some intense and dramatic racing. So, let the five red lights go off...!!

Friday, March 16, 2012

Writing a blog post...

Year was 2008 when I published my first ever blog post (as far as I can remember). I don't know what prompted me to sit up and start a blog. I don't know what was it that made me to share my thoughts with millions of strangers. I don't remember these.

But what I can recall is whenever I was down, I used to read various blogs, and it gave me strength to continue. When I felt I am all messed up blogging community was there and it helped me clear out the things. And this made me continue to blog at all times. I blogged during my exams, I blogged about my highs and lows. I blogged for money, I blogged to expose and then I blogged more...

But then the dark clouds came and my blogging suffered. Every time I thought about blogging, some or other thing came up. When I finally made up some time just for blogging, I didn't get anything to write on. And when both of these options were checked, I ended up at loss of words. Not wanting to dry the blog completely, I started to blog random images, videos, quotes etc. But somewhere deep, I know I am not doing justice to this little web estate of mine.

There were times when I would come up with this very brilliant idea about a post (brilliant, least for me) but then it would get up lost somewhere. These topics ranged from Rahul Gandhi to Afghanistan to War president to Sachin Tendulkar to roadside Eatery joint. It was a mix and something I feel very strongly about. But all of these never saw the day of light.

Today, almost four years of that fateful day when I started blogging, I found myself reading various blogs of random strangers and thinking JammySpeaks is waiting for me. Writing a blog post has always been a tough task but I have found myself enjoying it all the time. And I hope this time it would not be any different and 'writing a blog post' would again be a daily affair.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Nokia jumping to extreme with Lumia 900

To celebrate the launch of the new Nokia Lumia 900 at Mobile World Congress 2012, Nokia challenged free runner, Pip Andersen of http://www.piptrix.com/ and http://www.youtube.com/user/piptrix to try out the Lumia 900 in and around the city of Barcelona. By doing what he loves most Pip was able to take the Lumia 900 to the extreme.


Sunday, March 11, 2012

Monday, February 27, 2012

special potential batch- THE BATTLE CONTINUES....................

The feeling of being in SPB  is so special that when one gets the opportunity it means a whole world to him/her.On 22 nd Jan 2012 i received a call from shiamak davar that i have not been selected in SPB.I was sure that i will get in but the year long hard work has not earned me any fruits,but then I do believe we should do karam and should not think of its fruits.
My friend who gave his audition with me,was no selected as well.We were disheartened but its okay....life goes on...later in the evening I was sitting alone and was thinking about the hard work ,all the 'n' number of problems I faced.Everything looked futile.
I know ..........I know.........but after all I am a human being and I do feel sad.
My phone buzzed that very moment and my friend told me that he received a call from shiamak again saying there was some mistake and now he is in SPB.
For a second I was in shock because I didn't receive any such call,still i kept my composure and congratulated him.I was SAD MORE THEN BEFORE not because he got selected but because I was not selected or should say,
 "jab dost fail ho jae toh dukh hota hai,but jab wo aage nikal jae toh zyada dukh hota hai".
Whatever I felt like a failure.......i cried whole night and tried to forget it but that very thought that shiamak didn't consider kept haunting me.
Next day  my friends noticed and asked me about my low mood.They dont know what is SPB for them its just another batch.How will i explain my grief.
How come a position or say a batch or a selection meant so much to me.Nothing in my life have I for anything like this.
I thought of not continuing dance for a while ....but my friend pursued me to call up shiamak office and ask about my selection again.Its not possible because, firstly, they called me up on there own  and how can there be any mistake from there side!!!!!!!!!!
This very thought became the hindrance between me and that phone call,but after an hour long pursue by my friend I thought,
" ek call karne mei kya jata hai"
I called them up and asked about my selection,they put my call on a hold and for that few seconds my heart was pouncing like anything,they uphold the call and said,"yes,you are selected"
is it?
are u sure?
i repeated this three times and the person on the other side said,"yes..yes..yes"
OH MY GOD!!!!!
I got selected,what these fools were up to yesterday,but who cares as long as one has a good news with himself/herself.
I was jumping ,laughing and going mad........
M year long hard work paid off!!!!!!!
But my excitement ended soon,when I asked my parents that I want to join and they said,"no"
Some where i knew this gonna be happen but I thought my constant pursue will melt there heart but those hearts were made up of stone I guess.A two day melodrama went on......and ended with my decision where I decided not to join it.I left it.......just the opportunity not my dance .
If I am capable enough I will get another chance.
I am going out of the city soon..................and I make a promise to myself I will be in SPB and will perform on stage..........that's a promise!!!!!!!

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Aus Open Ball-boy catch worthy of Ricky Pointing

Footage of 14-year-old ballboy Dylan Colaci catching a stray ball from Roger Federer. The incident took place at the Australia Open semi-final between Federer and Rafael Nadal in Melbourne. The catch prompted the commentator to compare Colaci to cricketer Ricky Ponting. Video of Dylan's feat has been seen by more than a million people online.

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Right now, Walgreens is offering a promo for just an annual fee of $10, you could cover all your immediate family, including spouse and all dependents 22  years and below.  What is great about this is that your pet could also be included.  You could also avail of an individual promo buy just paying an annual payment of $5 and they could avail of the benefits of Walgreens Prescription Savings Club.

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The Lorax - Danger

Release Date: 2 March 2012
Genre: Animation
Cast: Zac Efron, Danny DeVito, Ed Helms
Writer: Ken Daurio, Dr. Seuss
Studio: Universal Pictures

A 12-year-old boy searches for the one thing that will enable him to win the affection of the girl of his dreams. To find it he must discover the story of the Lorax, the grumpy yet charming creature who fights to protect his world.

Friday, January 27, 2012

Surprise Dance on Finnair Flight to celebrate India's Republic Day

RESPECT for Finnair. I don't know was it a marketing gimmick or not? But they have for surely succeeded. Would love to travel with such an involved travel lines.

P.S. In return gift, would Air India Crew perform on some folk-fare of Finland?? ;)

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Why I 'do not' blog??

There has been a gap, an interval that has lasted too long since last post I wrote. And I am kinda tired of saying I am gonna write more, I am gonna take up blogging very seriously from now on and stuff.

Now as per this post is concerned, i was wondering how to start it? I thought of it to be a post on how was 2011, then it occurred to me what about a post on what I wish from 2012. And ideas started to pour down but I was not able to write on them. So, lets talk about what's preventing me from blogging actively??
After loads of pondering I have finalized it to be one of these three -

  1. Laziness
  2. Writer's block
  3. Scared
Let's take them by one by one. Laziness, I have already confessed I am a lazy person and don't like to do stuff that I can avoid. As per blogging is concerned, I have always something to write about. I like to have an opinion about everything, be it politics, environment, entertainment or anything else. In that case, laziness is a very prime candidate for me not writing regularly.

Writer's block. Though I have always something to talk about, but I just don't know how to start. I am at a loss of words whenever I need to initiate a topic. And this is one of the reason, why I always fire up my system, log in my account, open up the new post tab and then write a title, make up my mind on what am I about to write and then as and when I am about to start the post, I don't know what to write. I know what I wanna say. I know what would be the main body of the post, but what I don't know is how to introduce the topic. And the result is, a pile up of drafts. (179 and counting)

Scared. Whoa... This is a little awkward. I take pride in saying what I feel, then scared?? Well, it's not I am scared of saying my mind. It's just I am scared of getting banned if I end up getting on the bad side of some high profile people. I don't want to see someone hacking up this little site and putting a banner saying, I used to say what I feel or some black suits knocking up my door and arresting me over a drug charge or worse, a ninja coming up and poisoning me and firing a poisonous a dart in my neck. 

Well, the last one is nothing but a hallucination..!!
I believe it's a mix of laziness and writer's block. So I am gonna try and avoid it but by now you must know me, I end up writing a post every six months which says I am gonna write more. So, Instead of saying anything I would just try. May be it works..

Happy New Year..!