Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Why I 'do not' blog??

There has been a gap, an interval that has lasted too long since last post I wrote. And I am kinda tired of saying I am gonna write more, I am gonna take up blogging very seriously from now on and stuff.

Now as per this post is concerned, i was wondering how to start it? I thought of it to be a post on how was 2011, then it occurred to me what about a post on what I wish from 2012. And ideas started to pour down but I was not able to write on them. So, lets talk about what's preventing me from blogging actively??
After loads of pondering I have finalized it to be one of these three -

  1. Laziness
  2. Writer's block
  3. Scared
Let's take them by one by one. Laziness, I have already confessed I am a lazy person and don't like to do stuff that I can avoid. As per blogging is concerned, I have always something to write about. I like to have an opinion about everything, be it politics, environment, entertainment or anything else. In that case, laziness is a very prime candidate for me not writing regularly.

Writer's block. Though I have always something to talk about, but I just don't know how to start. I am at a loss of words whenever I need to initiate a topic. And this is one of the reason, why I always fire up my system, log in my account, open up the new post tab and then write a title, make up my mind on what am I about to write and then as and when I am about to start the post, I don't know what to write. I know what I wanna say. I know what would be the main body of the post, but what I don't know is how to introduce the topic. And the result is, a pile up of drafts. (179 and counting)

Scared. Whoa... This is a little awkward. I take pride in saying what I feel, then scared?? Well, it's not I am scared of saying my mind. It's just I am scared of getting banned if I end up getting on the bad side of some high profile people. I don't want to see someone hacking up this little site and putting a banner saying, I used to say what I feel or some black suits knocking up my door and arresting me over a drug charge or worse, a ninja coming up and poisoning me and firing a poisonous a dart in my neck. 

Well, the last one is nothing but a hallucination..!!
I believe it's a mix of laziness and writer's block. So I am gonna try and avoid it but by now you must know me, I end up writing a post every six months which says I am gonna write more. So, Instead of saying anything I would just try. May be it works..

Happy New Year..!


  1. At least I can relate to the last 2 reasons. That is exactly what keeps me from doing quality-blogging.

  2. @Dhakkanz Hope 2012 brings change for you...


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