Monday, February 27, 2012

special potential batch- THE BATTLE CONTINUES....................

The feeling of being in SPB  is so special that when one gets the opportunity it means a whole world to him/her.On 22 nd Jan 2012 i received a call from shiamak davar that i have not been selected in SPB.I was sure that i will get in but the year long hard work has not earned me any fruits,but then I do believe we should do karam and should not think of its fruits.
My friend who gave his audition with me,was no selected as well.We were disheartened but its goes on...later in the evening I was sitting alone and was thinking about the hard work ,all the 'n' number of problems I faced.Everything looked futile.
I know ..........I know.........but after all I am a human being and I do feel sad.
My phone buzzed that very moment and my friend told me that he received a call from shiamak again saying there was some mistake and now he is in SPB.
For a second I was in shock because I didn't receive any such call,still i kept my composure and congratulated him.I was SAD MORE THEN BEFORE not because he got selected but because I was not selected or should say,
 "jab dost fail ho jae toh dukh hota hai,but jab wo aage nikal jae toh zyada dukh hota hai".
Whatever I felt like a failure.......i cried whole night and tried to forget it but that very thought that shiamak didn't consider kept haunting me.
Next day  my friends noticed and asked me about my low mood.They dont know what is SPB for them its just another batch.How will i explain my grief.
How come a position or say a batch or a selection meant so much to me.Nothing in my life have I for anything like this.
I thought of not continuing dance for a while ....but my friend pursued me to call up shiamak office and ask about my selection again.Its not possible because, firstly, they called me up on there own  and how can there be any mistake from there side!!!!!!!!!!
This very thought became the hindrance between me and that phone call,but after an hour long pursue by my friend I thought,
" ek call karne mei kya jata hai"
I called them up and asked about my selection,they put my call on a hold and for that few seconds my heart was pouncing like anything,they uphold the call and said,"yes,you are selected"
is it?
are u sure?
i repeated this three times and the person on the other side said,"yes..yes..yes"
OH MY GOD!!!!!
I got selected,what these fools were up to yesterday,but who cares as long as one has a good news with himself/herself.
I was jumping ,laughing and going mad........
M year long hard work paid off!!!!!!!
But my excitement ended soon,when I asked my parents that I want to join and they said,"no"
Some where i knew this gonna be happen but I thought my constant pursue will melt there heart but those hearts were made up of stone I guess.A two day melodrama went on......and ended with my decision where I decided not to join it.I left it.......just the opportunity not my dance .
If I am capable enough I will get another chance.
I am going out of the city soon..................and I make a promise to myself I will be in SPB and will perform on stage..........that's a promise!!!!!!!


  1. wow.. u shud hav taken yaar SPB.. did u gav auditions in mumbai????

  2. What kind of audition happens in for getting selected for SPB. I got a call from shiamak that i'v been selected for SPB and have to come for auditions tmr. SO do the instructors tell u to dance or eomething??

  3. Ya could you pls elaborate on the SPB auditions !

  4. Can understand what you feel. My daughter is going through the same depression and i think its her 5th audition.


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