Sunday, March 18, 2012

Formula One returns

Formula One, the best in Motorsport (I say this with fear of being criticized..!) returns for its latest season. F1 2011 was one of the least exciting season due to over dominance of Red Bull and Vettel. But this year with some change in rules, it is expected to be more of a level playing field. Or at-least so has been the picture that has been painted in winter testing. Red Bull and Mclaren have looked strong, Ferrari seems to struggle and Mercedes and Lotus (Former Renault) could prove to be the surprise of the year. Going a little further, midfield is as tight as it has ever been with Force India, Sauber, Torro Rosso all fighting neck to neck and all ready to give the top teams a run for money.

2012 season is critical in various regards:

  • Being the last year in Michael Schumacher's contract after his return, it would be nice to see whether the seven time world champion could bring some cheer to his fans at the age of 42. And if yes, would we see more of him as a racer after this season?
  • Fellipe Massa gas been under tremendous pressure to perform and with Ferrari again failing to give their drivers a winning car (so as it seems for now), it looks tough for Massa.
  • 2012 also marks the return of Kimi Raikonen, the Ice man. It would be nice to see how his second stint as a F1 driver goes. I for one would be surely cheering for him.
There are many other reason that gives this season prime importance. But what F1 fans are expecting is some nice, on the limit racing and no over dominance of a team or a driver. Also what we would really like to see is championship being decided on the skills of a driver and his engineering team and not on the bank balance of the team owner.

So tomorrow at 5 PM, Australia, we would see Formula One marking a return with the first grand prix of 2012. Hope it proves to be a cracker and we get to see some intense and dramatic racing. So, let the five red lights go off...!!

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