Monday, March 26, 2012

Love Story 2.0: Friend or something more??

"And you are coming with us to Goa, right??"
"hmmm, have not though of it, would confirm you by night". So, Rahul ends the call, still waiting for a universe sign that could help him decide upon his for Goa. And suddenly, he watches the news on television, showing mass killing in Goa. Now, he was decided, the universe has given him the sign, he is not going to Goa.

Rahul, 22, was in his final year in college pursuing B.Tech. He was a firm believer of Universe and tell all signs, and whenever faced with a dilemma, he would leave his decisions onto universe. It has worked so far and he hoped it would continue to work for him. As he was on crossroads in his life and looking for some answers from universe. No, it was not the obvious, 'Post Graduation or Job', question which a final year B. Tech student  is expected to be worried about. The question was much more complicated, it didn't involve a job or a M.Tech degree, it involved Priyanka, his best friend and their friendship or something more..!

Rahul was in his third semester when he first met Priyanka, a lateral entry student to their class. She was this petite girl with gentle face and over-expressive eyes. Her hair always in a tangled mess tied back and a smile pasted on her face with confused expressions. It was like calmness of sea mixed with the falling waterfall. Her confused state was the reason why Rahul and she met for the first time.

Priyanka : "Excuse me, could you tell me to whom exactly do we have to submit the assignment?"
Rahul : "With Miss Monika, the Embedded Faculty."
"And where can I find her?"
"She must be in her cabin. The first cabin on the right in ECE department".
"ECE department...??"
"Hehe, You are so dumb...! Come, I would show you. By the way, I am Rahul."
"Hi, myself Priyanka..."

And thus started a new phase in Rahul's life. A phase which involved Priyanka, a phase that started without consulting with the universe, a phase where he took a decision on his own, the decision to be friends with Priyanka.

Rahul and Priyanka both hit off instantly. Both of them shared interests in having fun, watching films and talking endlessly over random things. They could be often found sitting in the college lawns talking about latest movie or in canteen arguing over the best 'samosas' in Delhi or near the metro station talking intellectual over a cup of roadside mocha or in the classes just sitting together and talking with silent winks and smiles. It was going great and for them friendship was finally personified. And then...

And then, one fine day sitting with a bunch of friends, (Yes, they had other friends too..!!), the dark clouds gathered and lighting struck as one witty fellow in the group singled them out as love birds. "Rahul and Priyanka, two person so much in love that they don't know life exist beyond the other person", this was what that fellow said. What??

"Rahul is just a friend..."...
"Priyanka, Priyanka, Priyankaaa.. ??? Neah, Neah, Neahhhhhh...." said Rahul.

Both of them later laughed over it but the cogs had started to move. Now, the equations have changed, it was not the same between them. They were best friends, yes. But they could be more, more than just friends. Both of them refused the thought to come in their mind, laughed it over, tried to forget it. But whatever they did, the thought lingered in their minds. "Is Rahul/Priyanka more than just a friend..?"...

Months later, the things have faded out. Both of them still were best friends, still spent hours together, first with each other and later on the phone. Still chats over a cup of coffee or a plate of samosas continued. And the thought was forgotten as a joke.

2nd August 2011
Gooooooood Morning..!!!
And Rahul was awake as his alarm clock again screamed, Gooooooood Morning...!! Out of habit, his hands traveled to his mobile to check for any messages or missed calls.

7 missed calls.
1 unread message.

More specifically, it was seven missed calls from Priyanka. He instantly called back but the phone was switched off. He tried again but no luck. He was worried so he tried for her land-line, but no one picked the phone. Now, he was scared. What could have happened? Why is she not picking the phone? He was cursing himself for not waking up. He cursed his cellphone for not being louder. How could he have slept when his phone rang? It  was not one call but seven. And he didn't wake up. Now his thoughts were scaring the hell out of him. He kept on trying her phone but no response.

Again and again the same screen flashed in front of him, 7 missed calls. What could have been so urgent that she called him 7 times? He called to every friend of theirs but no one had any news of her. It had been an hour when he could not take it anymore so he drove to her house. 

Standing on her gate, he though of giving her one more call. He took out his cellphone, unlocked it, and was about to call her, when a message came. It was some random message from his network carrier. But this made him notice another unread message on his device. It read -

"Hey Rahul, I am going to meet my cousins in Nanital and would be returning back after two weeks. See you later, Priyanka... :)"

He felt relieved and then laughed over himself for acting like a fool. And went back.

Later in the college he was narrating his experience to a friend of him, Paras. And Paras gave him a cheeky smile. On Rahul's constant niggling, he finally said," See man, for someone like you who always keep his phone on silent, missed calls is a daily phenomenon. There have never been a time when you had picked your cell on first ring. 4/5 missed calls is like normal. But you have never acted like this. Okey, she's your best friend and you were worried for her but still rushing to her home? Don't you feel it's more than just a friend?". And saying this Paras walked away, leaving Rahul engrossed in his own thoughts. And now Rahul realized, Priyanka was something more. She was special and she was not only her best friend but something more...
To Be Continued...


  1. more than friends han ji....

  2. Oh.. Really?? Wait for the second part..!

  3. second part pls...

  4. awsum man....!!!
    u shud try writing a novel...u can name it the same as above... ;)

  5. I always have similar "problems" I think it is not possible for man and woman to be friends, real friends...


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