Friday, March 16, 2012

Writing a blog post...

Year was 2008 when I published my first ever blog post (as far as I can remember). I don't know what prompted me to sit up and start a blog. I don't know what was it that made me to share my thoughts with millions of strangers. I don't remember these.

But what I can recall is whenever I was down, I used to read various blogs, and it gave me strength to continue. When I felt I am all messed up blogging community was there and it helped me clear out the things. And this made me continue to blog at all times. I blogged during my exams, I blogged about my highs and lows. I blogged for money, I blogged to expose and then I blogged more...

But then the dark clouds came and my blogging suffered. Every time I thought about blogging, some or other thing came up. When I finally made up some time just for blogging, I didn't get anything to write on. And when both of these options were checked, I ended up at loss of words. Not wanting to dry the blog completely, I started to blog random images, videos, quotes etc. But somewhere deep, I know I am not doing justice to this little web estate of mine.

There were times when I would come up with this very brilliant idea about a post (brilliant, least for me) but then it would get up lost somewhere. These topics ranged from Rahul Gandhi to Afghanistan to War president to Sachin Tendulkar to roadside Eatery joint. It was a mix and something I feel very strongly about. But all of these never saw the day of light.

Today, almost four years of that fateful day when I started blogging, I found myself reading various blogs of random strangers and thinking JammySpeaks is waiting for me. Writing a blog post has always been a tough task but I have found myself enjoying it all the time. And I hope this time it would not be any different and 'writing a blog post' would again be a daily affair.


  1. You should write more. You are good.

  2. When you write about topics that excite you, your writing will communicate a sense of energy that will attract like-minded readers.


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