Friday, April 20, 2012

Love Story 2.0: Definitely more

This is the second part of, Love Story 2.0.
You can find the first part here, Love Story 2.0: Friend or something more??


"So, what is it that you wanted to say? And why could not you tell it to me over phone?? What is it??" asked Priyanka
"Rahul, Tell me. What happened??"
"Priyanka, I have been thinking..."
"Thinking what??"
"Okay, listen. You have been a constant companion for me. You have always been there for me no matter what happened. You helped me with my studies, with my health, and everything. There were times when I was lost in my own world but you ever complained. You were always the same for me,  a caring and loving friend. But as time passed you became much more. Yes, you were a friend but a special one. You became much more, much much more. Priyanka, would you let me to take our friendship a step forward? Would you be my girlfriend?

He looked up just in time to find Priyanka smashing his face hard and thus waking up Rahul from his slumber. He looked at clock and realized he was, once again, late for college.

It had been three months since Rahul realized his feelings for Priyanka were not limited to being just friends. For him, Priyanka was someone who has changed his life, someone he care about most, and someone who meant more than anything to him. He tried to ignore his feelings but they didn't subdue. He tried to avoid her, stopped picking her calls, stopped replying to her messages and everything else, but he can't stop thinking about her. He just can't. And finally he decided to have a talk with Priyanka.

But he was scared to approach her directly. He didn't want to ruin his friendship. But also what he could see was by not confessing his feelings, their friendship was getting affected. He could not make up his mind on what to do and what not to do. So he decided to leave the decision to universe. If they were meant to be together, they would be together. 23rd December was the date he decided to seek his answers from universe.

23rd December 2011

For the first time in months, Rahul reached college on time. (1-0, positive sign leading negative). And as soon as he entered class, he collided with Priyanka who was looking for Miss Monika to submit the assignment, much like the way when they first met all those years ago (2-0). On returning home, he read his horoscope ...Love is on cards..... (3-0). He was very much sure that universe had spoken up and he and Priyanka are meant to be together.

"Yes, we are meant to be together.” And he jumped with joy...


23rd December 2011

Priyanka has been trying to connect to Rahul for over 10 hours now, but he was not picking his call. She has left hundreds of messages but there was no reply. And she was getting restless thinking, where is he? Can't he just answer once? Where he is so much busy that he would not even reply to her?? Don't I deserve a message at least. (Little she knew, at this very same time, Rahul was trying to come to terms about his new found feelings for her.)
Thinking it all, she called up, Ananya a common friends of theirs. And thus she narrated the entire episode to ananya. How she had been trying to reach Rahul but to no avail. And lately it has become a frequent phenomenon. How it looks to her that he is no longer interested in being friends with her, let alone best friends. And she started crying...

Ananya, like a Zen master, tried to counsel her,
"So, what?? He must be busy, and if you really feel he is ignoring you, you do the same. Just ignore him and forget him. He doesn’t deserve your friendship".
"No, I can't ignore him. He is rahul, my best friend."
"Don't worry, you would find someone else. It is clear by his behavior. he does not want you anymore. You are just someone who was part of his life and clearly he has moved on. Dear forget him. He’s gone."
"How can I forget him so easily? How could I forget someone with whom I have been forever? How could I forget a person whose mere thought bring a smile on my face? How could I forget a person who is my friend, my companion, my everything? How ananya? HOW?"
"Priyanka? What are you saying? Is he more than a friend?"

Priyanka with tears in her eyes, for the first time confessed her feelings for rahul to someone. For the first time since that fateful day in 2009, she told the truth about her feelings. For the first time, she let her heart talk.

"I don't know since when I started to like him, I don't know how it happened, I don't know when he became much more than just a friend. I don't know. What I know is my love for him and I can't forget him. I just can't." said Priyanka.

Ananya was dumbstruck, she knew rahul was someone special for Priyanka but this special, she never knew. She asked priyanka, "Do rahul know?"

"No, he has no idea."
"You got to tell him priyanka. Just tell him." 
“Listen I know it’s’ tough. But this is something you got to do. You got to let him know. Believe me, this is the best thing to do.”
“But how? How do I do it?”"This is something you got to think yourself. I can't help you with this."


Rahul was over cloud nine. He had finally decided to convey his feelings to Priyanka. Also he has decided when he’s going to confess his love for Priyanka, the 24th February 2012, three years since he first met her. And at the same time he was worried how she is going to react but now he was clear. He’s going to let her know and then leave everything on universe.And thus began another tedious job, how to tell it to her? Should he go down on a knee? Or should he write a letter. Should he ask her out over a phone or just hold her hands and tell her? He was confused, worried but finally knew what to do. He looked himself in the mirror and told himself,

“So, 24th it is.”

Finally priyanka smiled and thanked ananya before keeping the phone down. She decided to tell rahul about her feelings on the same date they met, the 24th February. And she told herself,

“So, 24th it is.”
To Be Continued...