Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Is it love ?

People say, "Love is the most difficult question to the mankind".
Well, here's a small story.

You know the way they show in movies how the girl and guy meet, they fought, become friends and fall in love. Naaaahhhhhh..............nothing like that happen HERE!!!!!!!!

In her early twenties, Ayesha facing problems from everywhere in relationship’s, her family, her friends etc. etc. It's not like she doesn't love them, its she doesn't know how to take care of the relationship's.......very carefree or say careless!!!!! She loved them, but she don't realize her responsibilities, she just use to run away from them. Being single for almost 21 years, it’s because of her failures in existing relationship's, totally scared her of even to get into one. Everything going down and down and she feels is there anything she is good at!!!!!

One fine day, passing the notice board of the college she came across a notice “street play”, since childhood this acting thing has fascinated her!!! It was her chance to try her hand over acting that would be something new and interesting to do apart from all the fights and arguments.She made all the inquiries and convinced her mom and dad to let her join....that Saturday morning when she reached the venue, she was hell lot nervous about the acting stuff...........waiting outside with other students for the class!!!!!

Ayesha entered the class first and the guy who happens to be the director poked her and said, “are you scared?"
Ayesha said, “No"
Guy said, “then why are u leaking!!"

Ayesha looked down immediately...and looked up and he was laughing along with her assistant.

He looked quite young, maybe in his mid-twenties, dark complexion and twinkling eyes...and oodles of confidence. His name was AYAAN GEHLOT!!!!!

A well-known name in the world of street plays....he has come all the way from Mumbai to take these classes.

Ayesha was so embarrassed!!!!!!!!!! She really disliked the guy at first....she just use to learn and go back. She was enjoying the classes ....the little technicalities of acting and was totally in love with herself AGAIN........

As the classes went by...the same guy turned into a charming personality!! He got a great of sense of humor which was what missing from Ayesha’s life.......it’s been a month that she has shared a laugh ......but the classes seems to be working for her ....or should we say the charm of the guy...

He was explaining something and it just struck her," he’s cute. Must be in mid-twenties" Let me tell you that's the safest attribute we give to the GUYS!!! She so wanted to share it with her other female friends but soon came to know that they all have it too.....woo.........she just kept it to herself. 

Every weekend, Ayesha went there to learn and learn and to pull herself so that he could notice her and could make a good impression, she use to work hard and practice hard at home, doing her homework, coming one hour before the class just to get it right!!!!!

All of a sudden he came up with an concept which was based on some old film, nobody liked it except Ayesha but her friends convinced her that it’s not a good idea to show case it over the stage. As everybody will be bored and they can do something better but the worst part was when they put Ayesha to tell this stuff to him...

Poor Ayesha!!When she raised the voice, all her friends didn't support her who were actually annoyed with the concept. She felt so betrayed and look like a fool in front of him. He thought she is the one who's agitating EVERYBODY there to go against his idea..........

All great men have great ego!!!!!!
All the hard work went in vain and making a good impression looked like a dream.

Poor girl she could never do that. He never notice. He even gave her the tiny role or say participation in the entire play was minimal......ohhhh its horrible"


She kept working hard......because she kept reminding herself that she was there to learn!!!!

In the middle of all these she just forgot about all the trouble she was having in her other relationship's...because here she was experiencing something she hasn't felt before. Why is she in all her life want to please somebody who even don't care? Why she was even bothered when that guy AYAAN was so harsh to her ?

ANYWAYS, always standing at the back and seeing him and other batch mates interacting with him but never got the guts to go up on herself and talk!!!!!!

Once or twice Ayesha tried but he wasn't bothered to reply or when he did.........he had this disgusting look on his face...always saying no to Ayesha’s opinion. oh that KILLED HER!!!!!!!!!

She tried talking to him in personal but that's not something one get to get in a class full of admirers!! Eventually it struck Ayesha why not add him on face book!!!!!

It took almost 3 hours for her to decide should I or should I not send a request....will he or will he not accept her request!!!!!!!
At last she did sent and he did accept (unaware of how difficult it was) everybody from the class was his friend already........Ayesha was late here again!!!

Anyways...........she was so happy. GOSH! We girls such small things makes us happy!!!!!

That very night she saw him on line she thought, to talk or not to talk (always in dilemma)...........but again she took the risk of embarrassment and he didn't reply!!!!!!!!!

OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!!!!

Enough is enough............Ayesha’s ego take a toll.............no more this puppy like crush!!!!!!!
She started being strange with him, cum on even if it’s weird.........she has got that much right after all that embarrassment!
Ayesha started responding to him in but more so showing her anger (as if he cares)!!!!

He was annoyed.......

But ayeshaaaaaaaaaaaa was soooooo happy.............she could actually annoy him after all the embarrassment he caused to her!! It felt like a sweet revenge on him!!!!!!! Hehehehe......
The last few days of the course........all of a sudden became fun!!!!!!
On the last day of the batch, when we were doing our last rehearsal....he said, “Ayesha you were very good" and she couldn't believe her ears..........is he the one who saying it.
oh my god!!!!!!

She couldn't stop thinking..........she kept repeating those words to herself.......stupid girls we are!!!!!!!!

The SHOW day arrived..........we were all excited to roll it..........our stage play didn't bag the award..........but performing in front of so many people was an achievement in itself!!!!!!

We all were so proud of ourselves........
That also calls for a farewell to the course and to the cute mentor..........
he bid us goodbye by shaking hands, a small hug and with a promise to come back again!!!!!!

Ohhhhh..........that was sweet.........whatever sour thing was there just faded away from her heart and all she was left was the feeling of seeing him again strange but she has fallen for somebody this time.

TO BE CONTINUED............................