Sunday, July 28, 2013

Wello: A Drop in the Drought

Early Morning. 
You woke up. 
Feeling thirsty. 
Open Refrigerator. 
Drink water. 
Back to sleep.

A normal routine, nothing out of ordinary. Now, imagine you wake up feeling thirsty and there is no water to drink. Before you can quench your thirst, you need to travel 8 km and carry a 20 liter bucket on your head. Uncomfortable? Well, I am sorry to inform you but that's exactly what millions of women do daily. They wake up early in the morning, walk 8 to 10 km, carrying 20 liters of water on their head. For what? To quench the thirst of their family, to bath, to cook, to wash hands and for every other thing for which you just twist the faucet.

What are the consequences of such an uncomfortable journey that millions across make every other day? For one, they are able to fulfill their family's need of water. But what about other effects?

Parle-G New Official TVC - Roko Mat Toko Mat

Eleanor Roosevelt said, I think, at a child's birth, if a mother could ask a fairy godmother to endow it with the most useful gift, that gift should be curiosity. This is the reasoning behind Parle-G new TVC. It tries to make the point that a child should be allowed to do what it wants to do. There should not be any restrictions and it would actually make your child a genius.

And with all those little experiments of your little genius would be his companion, Parle-G.

The advertisement works nicely on the brand identity of Parle-G which have been trying to make its biscuit synonymous with genius tag ever since their campaign, G mane genius.

Monday, July 22, 2013

Share My Dabba

Dabbawalas of Mumbai has generated lots of interest over the years. It has been a subject of an Havard Case Study and hence been studied by thousands of business students. But I have never came across such a simple solution of the humongous problem. See it yourself:

I believe later in the day these stickers could easily carry name of a company or in business terms, sponsored by ABC pvt. ltd. which could be used to organize the whole system in a better way. Also, giving a huge boost in the brand identity of the sponsor.

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Friends, Chai & Maggi: A perfect road trip (Leh)

How often a small artifact of our past life triggers us into sudden flashbacks? Flashbacks that make us laugh, that make us cry and long for the time which over the years have gotten lost. Always ending up with a big smile on on the face and numbness in your eyes. For a person like me, this happens much more frequently than is healthy for a normal human being, generally ending up with asking myself, "What If...". What if that have happened? What if that have not happened? Something similar happened recently while reading an old book. A photograph stumbled out of it. The effect of times were visible on it, the edges were trodden, colors had faded but still the essence of the photo was clear. Five teens around a bonfire with large cups of coffee and plates full of Maggi. Who were they?

Shradha, Raj, Raghu, Khyati and yours truly... Five friends fresh out of school celebrating their freedom, celebrating their friendship, yet knowing at the back of their heart, it could be the last time they have got together for a long while. As the conversation moved to the future, they all promised to keep in touch, all promised to meet at least once a year and in five years time, when they have achieved something, they would fulfill their dream and travel together to Leh...

Seven years hence, we are still in touch but haven't been together for a long time now. And that road trip, well, it never happened. But what if we had gone on that road trip? What if....

On the road to Leh...

Honda CRV on rent, bags packed with bare essentials, camera in hand, music flowing in the background and with the roar of engine came the voice of Raj, "So buckle up guys, cause this is gonna’ be one hell of a ride!". Hence it began with the big laughs, sound of chit chats and apprehension of what is next.

With the enthusiasm of the finally going on this trip which we promised ourselves all those years back, time flew quickly. It was all about catching on the times, finding out about broken dreams and broken hearts. Stopping only once or twice for lunch or a quick snack, we reached our first pit stop, Manali. Checked in at the hotel, gorged over a delicious dinner and fell on bed satisfied over a day well spent.

Monday, July 15, 2013

Finding the path

Sometimes we have to get lost to find what we are looking for,
Sometimes we have to take that step to start a journey,
Sometimes we have to accept what is or is not,
But sometimes we can change the path.

...But sometimes we can change the path.