Sunday, October 20, 2013

True love: Does it really happen??

Recently, various confessions pages have just erupted over Facebook. There are confessions about colleges, localities, parks, trains and what not. While many are just love proposals or comments deriding someone, some confession touches your heart. Following is one of those…

* * *

24th may 2013 was the day which changed my views about life. 

My roommate at IIT had fallen in love in the 3rd year of our college to one of the most chirpy, flamboyant girl of our batch. I had no particular reservations for their relationship other than the fact that they were quite opposites. My buddy was shy, intro and she was totally different. Also I felt that she did not love my friend as much as he did. It might have been because of my prejudices or her nature, but I had this feeling that she took their relationship very lightly. But whatever be my notion, both got along very well. We graduated and I got placed in USA and left and my friend got placed in a good company in India. We kept in touch for a few months but like it happens, we got busy in our lives and could not interact much. I shifted base to USA and my links with India got completely cut off.

After nine years, I am on a business trip to India. Feeling nostalgic about the place and missing the times I spent here, I thought of meeting my college friends and contacted many through Facebook and likewise. I tried contacting my roomie but met with no responses. When seven of us met I got this news that my roomie died 5 years ago in the Delhi. I was shocked and couldn't sink in the fact he was his parents only son and that troubled me more about how those people would be surviving. So I took his address and went to meet them.

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Amazing Ad by Koleston

You can't help but admire the mind behind this creative billboard advertisement.