Thursday, August 21, 2014

Forgive yourself if not the other guy

Holding on to grudges weighs us down and puts us in a victimized space. It's like telling the universe "things should have been different" or "he/she shouldn't have treated me that way" and saying this is saying we don't trust in the greater good of the universe. Not trusting the greater good of the universe means we are always going to fight for control and that is a lost battle the second we start out. Fact of the matter is; we have no control. We can spend our entire lives trying to orchestrate things to fit into a little box labeled "the world as I want it" but at one point or another that box is going to get ripped open by death and loss and pain and divorce and disease and a million other things that at some point or another is going to come our way whether we want it or not. Not trusting in the universe means not trusting in life. It means not trusting in ourselves. How are we ever going to create a beautiful place for ourselves when we don't trust our own abilities or even the world we live in?

Here is a truth for you: if you want to be happy, you have no other choice than to believe that it's going to take you where you need to go. Believing in the universe means believing that all things come with a higher purpose, even the hurtful stuff. Believing gives us the ability to forgive.

We all have someone we need to forgive. Something we need to simply let go of. It could be a family member that's did us wrong in the past or a friend that made a hurtful remark. Sometimes the person we need to forgive the most is no one other than ourselves.

Everyone does their absolute best with what they've got. Everyone. Even your parents. No matter what happened to you when you were little, everyone involved did the best they could with what they had. If they could have done better they would have. True Forgiveness comes from you - you don't need to hear an "I'm sorry" to let go and move on. So look deeply into your heart and forgive. Forgive the world. Forgive yourself. It will set you free.

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Take a break

The man with the heavy beard said, What do you think, are you living your life?
I was taken aback. In the umpteen interviews I had been to in the last 15 days, no one asked me about my blog. But this was not one of those normal interviews. The guy was not wearing a three piece suit. He was not clean shaven and was wearing the slippers. He didn't ask me about my academic qualifications, didn't give a fuss to the courses I have undergone. The certificates and past experiences were never even mentioned. He was not talking about anything in my resume, he was not interested in them, he was interested in the person sitting in front of him. And that scared me.

I had prepared for those tough questions, I had planned those perfect answers on career path and why this industry. But I have not though about the last time I laughed. I didn't know what to say when someone asks me, when was the last time you switched off your cell phone and just had gone to wander in the woods. And then the question came so, What do you think, are you living your life?

ME: ahh....

And I hesitated. For someone who finds it difficult to shut his mouth and be silent, didn't have words to say. But the conversation carried on, jumped here and there, from the exploits of Virat Kohli to the LOTR.

I came outside with a smile but my mind still stuck to the thought, Am I living?
I had been running here and there, running to add that extra bullet point on my resume, running to fullfil that commitment or running to a networking meet. For past two years, my life had been that and more running, adding more to my plate than it can handle, and then running again so nothing falls down.

And I think this is wrong. One should stop once in a while and think about what exactly I am doing or chuck that, just stop and smile. Enjoy what you have and the wonder that is present all around you. And society should support them. I think there should be a lot of respect for those who take time for themselves whether it be for health reasons, family reasons, or just to stop in a while. There should be respect for a person who can say “nope, I can’t put that on my plate right now” because it means they are very in touch with what they need and what they can do. 

You only get one life and one body. You have to learn to respect the limits. And you should respect those bold enough to know those limits.