Thursday, August 21, 2014

Forgive yourself if not the other guy

Holding on to grudges weighs us down and puts us in a victimized space. It's like telling the universe "things should have been different" or "he/she shouldn't have treated me that way" and saying this is saying we don't trust in the greater good of the universe. Not trusting the greater good of the universe means we are always going to fight for control and that is a lost battle the second we start out. Fact of the matter is; we have no control. We can spend our entire lives trying to orchestrate things to fit into a little box labeled "the world as I want it" but at one point or another that box is going to get ripped open by death and loss and pain and divorce and disease and a million other things that at some point or another is going to come our way whether we want it or not. Not trusting in the universe means not trusting in life. It means not trusting in ourselves. How are we ever going to create a beautiful place for ourselves when we don't trust our own abilities or even the world we live in?

Here is a truth for you: if you want to be happy, you have no other choice than to believe that it's going to take you where you need to go. Believing in the universe means believing that all things come with a higher purpose, even the hurtful stuff. Believing gives us the ability to forgive.

We all have someone we need to forgive. Something we need to simply let go of. It could be a family member that's did us wrong in the past or a friend that made a hurtful remark. Sometimes the person we need to forgive the most is no one other than ourselves.

Everyone does their absolute best with what they've got. Everyone. Even your parents. No matter what happened to you when you were little, everyone involved did the best they could with what they had. If they could have done better they would have. True Forgiveness comes from you - you don't need to hear an "I'm sorry" to let go and move on. So look deeply into your heart and forgive. Forgive the world. Forgive yourself. It will set you free.